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The children took over: An Art lesson in progress

St Wenn School Pelicans


In science, we built Periscopes to spy on the other classes

Welcome to Pelican's class. We are comprised of Year 5 and 6 children and base ourselves in the lofty heights of the mezzanine level.

Our teacher is Mr Bailey and we often have support from Mrs Curtis (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Ward (Teaching Assistant).

Over the past year, we have certainly been living through a significant period in history and in Pelican's class we have worked together to continue learning everyday, whether in school or at home: From cooking over fires, creating inspirational tales, designing and stitching our own re-usable facemasks and immersing ourselves in the struggles and successes of Nelson Mandela in apartheid South Africa. We have realised and appreciated that community spirit isn't within the bricks of school but rather in our relationships and support networks that have remained strong throughout.


We are incredibly pleased to be back together again on site and our topic for this term is Invaders and Settlers

You can find our Topic Web here: Invaders and Settlers Topic Web

Our first unit within this topic has been When and why did the Anglo-Saxons invade? Where did they settle and what was life like?

Last term we dove into the kaleidoscopic world of Colour and here are some of the questions we discovered answers to:

ART Colour and Pattern: What is an illusion?

SCIENCE Light: How do we see colour?

GEOGRAPHY: How do symbols help us convey information?

GEOGRAPHY: Do we have the power to change?

Take a look at our amazing animal writing by clicking on the link below

Animal Non-Chronological reports

We have a unique reward system in our classroom and you can read more about the rationale behind this here Pelicans reward system

"Today, we were doing squared numbers up to 19 but we found out a trick just add odd numbers together from 1. (2 squared = 1+3=4, 3 squared=1+3+5=9) and we were playing a game with it where you had to run and get cubes to make the biggest rainbow square."

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