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Celebrating a Love of Reading and Books.

Local authors and story tellers

We often invite local authors and story tellers into school to excite and inspire. This year (2022), Clive Pig visited school and shared with us stories from around the world. It was great fun and the children listened carefully and interacted with the stories he told.


Famous Author reply

Dolphins class wrote to famous authors during Autumn term 2021 and so far we have received one reply from J K Rowling! The children were very excited.

clive pig.jpg

Cosy Book Nook Challenge

One stormy weekend, the children were set homework to create a cosy book nook at home.  Look at how cosy they are!

book nook 3.PNG
book 2 2.PNG
book nook 4.PNG
cosy book nook 1.PNG

Book Cover Challenge

The children were challenged to recreate their favourite book covers at home.  Can you recreate a book cover?

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