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Dr Tessa Cubitt -

Partnership Governor

Chair of Governors

Co-Chair of Standards & Curriculum Committee

Sits on Finance and Resources Committees

Lead Curriculum and Subject Governor

Tessa has been a governor for 13 years and Chair for 8.  During this time the school has grown considerably necessitating the building of new classrooms and the expansion of activities.  Tessa has a love of education as has been in the sector all her life and is dedicated to the best interests of St Wenn school.  A working life as an academic has given her the experience of running a University department, from which she gained expertise in people and finance management as well as administrative skills.  As Director of Staff Development, she had the responsibility for the training of all academic staff in the University which involved running conferences and workshops and providing support.  Tessa is involved in the local community on hall committees, as a member of book groups and engaged in running social events. Her term of office runs from 01.04.21 to 06.09.21

2020/21 Pecuniary Interests

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Sally Berry - 

Head Teacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead and Child Protection

Sally joined St Wenn School in September 2017 as Head of School and following a temporary appointment as Acting Head Teacher, was awarded the substantive position of Head Teacher in September 2018.  By this token, she automatically became a member of the School Governing Board.  Sally is a very experienced teacher and highly respected and valued as a teaching practitioner.  As Ex-Officio, Sally sits on all Committees.

2020/21 Pecuniary Interests

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Naomi Mathers -


Vice-Chair & Co-opted Governor 

Chair of Resources Committee

Sits on Finance and Standards & Curriculum Committees

SEND and Subject Lead Governor


Naomi has been a Governor since April 2015 and was re-appointed by the Board on 28.04.19. Her term of office ends 27.04.23.   She has 2 children, one who has now moved onto secondary school and one who still attends St Wenn. She has previously worked in the construction industry as a project manager and has been involved in organising the buildings projects for the school field and the new classroom extension. She sits on all committees and is Chair of  the Resources Committee.  Naomi cares passionately about education and hopes to contribute to improving the educational experience of all children at St Wenn.  

2020/21 Pecuniary Interests

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Sarah Hawkey- 

Parent Governor 

Sits on the Resources Committee

Having two children currently attending the school, Sarah has a keen interest in the school and the local community. Having been the Chair for the Friends of St Wenn School Fundraising committee and helping to raise thousands of pounds for our amazing school, enabling to enrich the school lives of all the pupils, Sarah felt that having now joined the Governing Board she can take her input into the school a step further. 

Sarah has years of experience within the education sector, and currently works as a Lecturer at The Cornwall College Group. Within this, she has gained many skills that will help in the role of Governor including how educational systems work, OFSTED, curriculum development and planning, safeguarding, PREVENT and pastoral support to name a few! 

Sarah truly believes that every child - no matter what their ability or where their interests lie – should have access to the best education possible and individual talents and interests should be nurtured. All children should have a truly safe and inclusive learning journey. With this in mind, Sarah has a particular passion for Safeguarding and pastoral support and identifying any barriers that a child may have to learning. Supporting and giving children the tools to overcome barriers has a big impact on later life. Sarah is looking forward to working with fellow board members, parents, and staff of the school.  Sarah's term of office starts 16.11.2020 and runs until 15.11.2024

2020/21 Pecuniary Interests

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Elizabeth Lawrenson - 

Co-opted Governor

Co-Chair of Standards & Curriculum

Sits on Resources Committee

Wellbeing and Website Lead Governor

Elizabeth is a strong believer that a happy education with the right opportunities is crucial to allow children to fly and fulfil their potential. As an organised, responsible and motivated person, she has held many different employment and voluntary work positions, which have prepared her to work with St Wenn School, its community and the governing board. She was re- elected to the Governing Board in 2017 and moved to a co-opted Governor from 29.01.21 to 28.01.25 .She hopes that her approachable, energetic and positive attitude within the community helps to create cohesion and her ability to support and challenge situations are an asset to the Governing Board of St Wenn School. 

2020/21 Pecuniary Interests

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Kevin Beer

Staff Governor

Kevin has been a full-time Teacher since graduating with a First-Class Honours Degree in Primary Education in 2012. Following a career in Engineering, he joined St Wenn School after teaching at St Dennis and Lanivet schools.  He was re-elected as the Staff Governor in September 2018 and his term of office ends on 22.09.22.  Kevin teaches years 3 and 4 and leads the ‘Mile a-day’ activity.  Kevin enjoys sports (in particular cricket), theology, swimming and quizzes. 

2020/21 Pecuniary Interests

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Ross Savage - 

Co-opted Governor

Chair of Finance Committee

Sits on Standards &Curriculum Committee

Whistleblowing Governor

Pupil/Sports Premium Governor & e.Safety

Having children attending the School, Ross was keen to be as involved as possible! For the past few years, he has assisted his wife, Emma, and the team in their efforts to raise money for the Friends of St. Wenn School fundraising group.  Ross’ career background is in the Military & Law Enforcement sectors. He now runs his own company delivering bespoke training and consultancy services to a range of private sector and government clients. He also manages a local family property lettings business.

His working life has enabled him to gain a great deal of experience in handling difficult and sensitive problems in the strictest of confidence. Ross hopes to contribute to the school in any way that is needed to help St Wenn continue to go from strength to strength.  Ross served 4 years on the Board from 2017 before being reappointed by the Board as Co-opted Governor from 01.04.2021 to 31.03.25.


2020/21 Pecuniary Interests 

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Michael Rabone

Co-opted Governor

Sits on the Resources Committee

Michael was Co-opted  by the Board on 16th November 2020 and his term of office will end on 15th November 2024.  Michael has a son who joined the reception class just a couple of months before his appointment. Michael grew up in Cornwall and has nearly two decades of experience as a Human Resources professional, supporting employee wellbeing and development in both large and family businesses. Michael is passionate about improvement and regularly works with local schools and colleges, motivated by the opportunity to inspire young people to fulfil their potential. 

20/21 Pecuniary Interests

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Dr Gray Smith-Laing - 

Local Authority Governor

Sits on Finance Committee

Subject and Attendance Governor

Dr Smith-Laing is a retired NHS doctor, having worked for 30 years as a Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist at the Medway Hospital which is the largest hospital in Kent with approximately 5000 employees and an annual budget of over £200m.  For his last 5 years, he was the Medical Director of the Trust in addition to his clinical work.  This was an executive position on the hospital board with extensive responsibilities for clinical governance, training and education, patient safety and disciplinary matters.  As a board member, there was joint responsibility for Trust strategy and setting and meeting activity and financial targets.  Gray was the Trust lead for Child Safeguarding and sat on the Medway Safeguarding Board. He joined the Board of Governors on 11.12.18 following his appointment by Cornwall Council.  His term ends on 10.12.22.

2020/21 Pecuniary Interests

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Mr Richard Fenwick - 

Co-opted Governor

Sits on Standards & Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Lead and Pupil Voice Lead Governor

Richard has lived locally with his wife Katie, since retiring in 2017. He was previously a Prep School Headmaster for nearly 20 years in boarding schools in Kenya and Somerset. He is passionate about childhood and the way schools prepare our children for their futures. Before becoming a Head, he was involved in curriculum management and taught Design & Technology and Science. He supports the school by co-ordinating the pupils’ school council. He is also a trustee for Goodwill, a charity supporting disadvantaged children in India.  Appointed to the Board by the Governors in June 2019, Richard's term of office ends on 02.06.23.

2020/21 Pecuniary Interests

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Kate Messenger - 

Parent Governor

Safeguarding Lead & Child Protection Governor

Sits on Standards and Curriculum Committee

Having a son currently at the school, and a daughter approaching school age, I am excited to be a part of the Governing Board from 11.09.19 to 10.09.23 following an election by parents.  Before moving back to the area to bring up my family, I worked in pastoral care in a secondary school and found my passion for helping make school an inclusive environment where every child has the opportunity to achieve.  I have had CPLO training and a qualification in counselling studies and so have experience handling confidential and sensitive situations.  I am currently studying for a degree in Inclusive Education and have a qualification in British Sign Language.  As well as being a daily presence in the school playground and volunteering in the school, I am also familiar with a lot of prospective parents as I run the Lollitots playgroup in St Wenn.  I hope I am an approachable and friendly member of the school community. 

2020/21 Pecuniary Interests

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Joanne Trudgian - 

Clerk to Governing Board

Jo has been Clerk to the Governing Board since May 2016 and lives locally.  She has a vast understanding of Governance obtained from working in the Department of Work and Pensions, as well as being a Parish Councillor - where she was deputy Chair- and a School Parent Governor.  She fully understands the governance need for transparency, accountability and being  the 'critical friend'.  She regularly attends Clerk Forums on behalf of the school and is fully responsible for pre and post meeting information to the Governing Board and governance on the school website.  She can be contacted via email:


School Secretary - Sue Bowden 

St Wenn School, St Wenn, Bodmin

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