Introducing Mrs Berry who is the Head Teacher of St Wenn School and is very proud of the School and Everyone in it. Sally is the Schools designated Safeguarding Lead and is always there when you need her. 
"Shes really kind and helps people when things go wrong" Harry age 6.

Introducing Mr Beer who teaches Dolphins which consists of year 3 and 4. "He is an organised, hardworking and funny teacher." Isla age 9.

Mr Beer also represents teachers on the board of governers.

Introducing Miss Wheeler who teaches across the school as an intervention specialist and is based in reception and Key stage 1 Monday, Thursday and Friday. " She is gentle and patient." Emily age 11

Introducing Mrs Foley who teaches Pelicans class which consists of years 5 and 6.

"She is inspirational and kind" Jude age 10

Introducing Mrs Lush Williams who teaches Turtles which consists of key stage 1 children. "She is very caring and a great cook." Jude age 11

Introducing Miss Bartlett who teaches Seahorses which consists of Preschool and reception age children. "She is very kind and fun." Sophie age 7 

Introducing Mrs Curtis who is a Teaching Assistant in our Dolphins class and our Deputy Safeguarding Lead. Mrs Curtis is also our Children's Well-being Champion and does a lot of work with the children and their well-being. 

"she's really kind and she is always there to help, and she listens to us too" Ruby age 11.

Introducing Mrs Ward who is a Teaching Assistant in the Turtles Class working alongside Mrs Lush Williams. 

"she lets us hold her guinea pigs and shes really kind" Maddison age 7.

Introducing Mrs Bond who is a Teaching Assistant with our pre-school children and also supports our Forest School Activities each week. 

"shes very kind and gets our wellies ready" Harper age 5.

Introducing Mrs Mackay who is the Pre-school leader in Class 1 and she enjoys doing lots of outdoor activities with the children. She has recently ravamped our outside area too. 
"she's my class 1 teacher and has nice nails" Agnes age 4.
Introducing Mrs Evans the school cook. She produces some amazing, home cooked meals for the children and ensures they are all full of healthy goodness. Mrs Evans has ensured our kitchen has a 5 star Food standards Agency Rating. "she cooks yummy food" Jasper age 6.


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School Secretary - Sue Bowden 

St Wenn School, St Wenn, Bodmin

PL30 5PS

T: 01726 890405



If you have immediate concerns or are worried about a child or young person's safety please telephone the Multi Agency Referral Unit (MARU) on 0300 123 1116


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